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 Radio Course 2015


The Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club (OVMRC) is pleased to offer again this year an amateur radio course for those wishing to acquire a Canadian Government Qualification and Call Sign to operate an amateur radio station issued by Industry Canada.

The course will enable students to pass the examination prescribed by Industry Canada for a "Certificate of Proficiency in Amateur Radio", Basic level. Some students may also be able to pass the Advanced level qualification. The objective of the course is to teach a basic understanding of the principles of radio communication as a basis for further individual study of the science. The course will also include practical sessions on equipment operation.

Course length:
The course length is about 13 weeks, Tuesdays, 7 10 pm, mid-September to mid-December for formal lectures on rules and regulations, electronic and radio theory and radio operating practices. The course concludes with the Industry Canada examination administered by the OVMRC accredited examiner. A supplementary examination(s) can be arranged for those that may not be successful with first writing.

Course content:
The course provides instruction on electrical and radio theory, radio regulations, operating technique and safety. The course covers the complete syllabus prescribed by Industry Canada for the Basic Qualification in their document RIC-3 (Radiocommunication Information Circular Issue 3). No technical background is required to take this course, but those having a technical or engineering background will have some advantage.

The course begins with the study of the law and regulations governing the operation of amateur radio stations.  A thorough knowledge of these Radiocommunications rules is mandatory and represents a significant part of the examination. The course continues by providing an understanding of the fundamentals of electrical charge and magnetism. It develops and builds on these concepts to ultimately bring about an appreciation of the nature and properties of high frequency electrical currents and how to use them for radio communication. Amateur radio use of the Internet will be discussed.

As stated, the objective of the course is to develop a basic understanding of the science of radio rather than to memorize the necessary answers to pass the Industry Canada examination. The course also develops knowledge of the practical aspects of assembling and operating an amateur radio station. There should be an opportunity for practical operating experience at an amateur radio station during the course.

The course is taught by people who are active radio amateurs and experienced teachers. It is supplemented by special instruction and study notes pertaining to all topics covered in the Industry Canada syllabus. A hardcopy Study Guide is also provided to all registered students in the course. It is essential that all students have an Internet e-mail account as all supplemental study material will be delivered in this manner.

Course Fees:
The instructors give their time without remuneration. The course fee is $150, which covers the cost of renting the venue as well as hardcopy Study Guide and one year's membership in the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club. Successful course candidates will also receive an application for a year free membership to Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), the national organization representing the interests of
Amateur Radio in Canada.

Who Should Attend:
Men and Women of all ages that have the capacity to learn a prescribed course of study and pass with 70 % an Industry Canada 100 question multiple choice examination. We have had successful students from 14 to 75 years in age.
High School, Engineering and Technology students with a particular interest in using the amateur radio spectrum for their education projects.
Persons can have virtually any background.
Persons with a particular interest in public service and search and rescue activities.
Ocean sailors find this course very useful. Once beyond sight of land HF radio is a practical means of communication for small vessels.
Retired people find Amateur Radio an interesting hobby and sport. Hunters and hikers operating beyond the range of cell phones find amateur radio a useful facility in case of emergencies or for communication among themselves in the field.

Please note the course is demanding of time as it involves one evening each week plus supplemental self-study of course material and the reading of prescribed Industry Canada documents.

Registration and Course venue:
An introductory lecture, registration, and Q & A for the 2015 fall session of the course will be conducted Monday, September 21 at 7 pm at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Course fees of $150 will be accepted in cash or cheque only upon registration. Late registration will also be permitted after the course begins if there is room; we want to limit the class size to 25 students.

Your intent to register should be e-mailed to:

Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC,
OVMRC Course Coordinator and Lead Instructor and Industry Canada Accredited Examiner.

Prospective Students of the Course should also refer to background information from Industry Canada at:  and also documents
RIC 3, and


2015 Graduates: Back row left to right: John MCGowan VA3YJK, Jennifer O'Neil VA3KNX, Eric Burgin VE3EZE, Leo Yull VE3YYL, Youri Querry VA3QHQ,

Front Row left to right: Tim Orange VA3ZZW, Kelly Walsh VE3LLX, Norm Rashleigh VE3LC (instructor), Kim Campbell VE3KMY and Ezekiel Ruddy VE3EKE

2012 Graduates: From left to right: Ernie Jury, VE3EJJ (Instructor); Doug Carswell, VE3ATY (President of OVMRC); James Hall, VE3MYZ, Basic with honours; Travis Crawford, VE3TVS, Basic, Advanced; Gordon Hastie, VE3GBH, Basic, Advanced. Absent: Georges Ankenmann, VA3LYZ, Basic.

2011 Graduates: From left to right: Ernie VE3EJJ (Instructor), Jean VE3JNE, Guylene VA3GLN, Darin VE3OIJ (Instructor, behind Bill), Bill VE3LJG, Kirk VA3DRG, Ken VA3NEK and James VE3BUX (absent from the photo: Adrian VA3ZWB and Ean VE3AVQ)



The club has one official Accredited Examiner for the Amateur Radio Course:

Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC

Please get in touch with the following club executive about the next course schedule or any other questions regarding this course:

Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC (Amateur Radio Training Chairman)



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